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About Veer Polymers

Veer Polymers is a plastics manufacturing firm that focuses on responsible plastic production by employing state-of-the-art equipment, biodegradable material. Every Veer product is recyclable, moisture-proof, and is made from 100% pure virgin food-grade plastic.

Dynamic in its approach to new-age production of recyclable plastic, Veer Polymers has been at the forefront of plastics manufacturing in India with 10 years of Extrusion Technology and 30+ years of Manufacturing Process Experience. It features a versatile client list from Toshiba to Kia Motors.

With three units open in the city of pearls, and biryani, the Hyderabad-based organization is lead by CEO Nikhil Walia, who has endearingly named the company after his son.  Walia resides in Hyderabad and is a giant patron of the city.

Our Clients

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